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      Google is coming up with ‘Project Star’ soon. High-speed internet in remote rural areas of India!

      Google will provide high-speed connections in rural India and in parts of the country where the Internet is unthinkable. Courtesy ‘ Project Star ‘. And Google is going to tie up with Airtel and Jio to make this impossible possible, that’s exactly what the source said. Google’s Project X claims that the technology is part of Project Star, which uses light to transmit information at super-high speeds with the help of a very fine and invisible beam wind. It’s the same with fibre, but it doesn’t use any cables or wires.

      This state-of-the-art technology allows light beams to be sent in place of radio waves between transmitters and receivers on large buildings or elsewhere. A special source claims to ET Telecom in this regard, where now customers are getting speed at 1 gigabyte per second, as a result of the new technology that speed will become 20 gigabytes. The source further claimed, ‘This is going to be a game changing technology for India. Because this new technology of providing internet with or without a cable to connect people in remote areas of the country will actually help to reduce the burden of the tower to a huge extent.

      This ‘Project Star’, which provides Internet signals with the help of wireless optical communication links or light beams in a very simple way, has been tested in different parts of India and Africa. And those tests have yielded very promising results. Incidentally, with the help of ‘Project Star’, Google has again started working with regional operators to provide internet services to more regions in sub-Saharan Africa. The tech giant writes in a blog about the effectiveness of ‘Project Star’, ‘This system will be very useful in places where fibre cable is impossible to deliver. That list includes jungles, rivers, railway tracks, and more.

      According to a report by ET Telecom, after successfully testing ‘Project Star’ in Andhra Pradesh, Google is currently in preliminary talks with Jio and Airtel to provide internet services in rural India. Although no official announcement has been made yet. Besides, this testing is at an early stage. Experts claim that it would not be right to reach a final decision on this issue right now. Because even if the light of this hope is seen in the testing once, the experts think that in the next testing it may be against the interest again.

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