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    Google has come up with six very important features on Android! Find out now

    Google brought together six new features. And these features are only for Android smartphone users. These six features include Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen Update, auto-generated narrators for the book, labels for Android apps and more.

    Google Features

    Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen feature allows users to mix the desired emoji with customized stickers. Google has made this process easier with suggestions on new features. Any user can get the suggestion by clicking on the two emojis to mix the stickers with the emoji of their choice. Google will also give some suggestions even if you tap on an emoji. This feature has just appeared in Gboard beta. Android 6.0 is also expected to have this feature soon.

    Auto-generated Narrators

    Google has also come up with auto-generated narrators for the book without any audio version. This feature is primarily for Google Play Books. It is currently available for beta. Google is currently working with publishers in the United States and the United Kingdom on this feature. The new feature is expected to roll out in early 2021.

    Labels are also being added to Google’s Voice Access feature on Android. Labels can be added to several apps from now on, such as open Photos, tap Search or tap Your Map. Google first introduced this feature on Android 11. Now it is available for almost all devices. Even devices that have Android 6.0 will have this labelling feature.

    Also Go Tab on Google Maps

    A new feature has been added to Google. This allows users to navigate to the place of their choice. From now on, you can pin the location that you have to go almost every day. Also, direction, live traffic, route disruption etc. everything will be informed with the help of this new feature. Not only that. Users will also be able to pin special Kissap routes on public transport. However, Google is bringing this feature for both Android and iOS users.

    Android Auto feature

    Google has also announced that it is launching the Android Auto feature in several other countries. Users will also be able to share various apps from Google Play. This update will be available in a few weeks. Earlier this year, Google launched the Airdrop option for Android.

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