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      Google Deleted Parler social media app from Play store, Apple gave 24 hours Warning Over US Capitol Violence-Inciting Posts

      Outgoing US President Donald Trump addressed a public meeting last Wednesday. Allegedly, Trump supporters suddenly tried to break into the US Capitol. Area 6 became heated due to police-crowd clash Five people have died so far. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Trump The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a rally marking the beginning of a new era in which President Joe Biden handed over power.

      Google has suspended the Parler Social Networking App to prevent the situation from getting worse as a result of multiple political comments. Google as well as Apple have warned the app to publish such content.

      Donald Trump has been condemned around the world after the attack on the Capitol building. His account has already been banned from multiple social media sites for allegedly fuelling the violence and worsening the situation. It is learned that his account has been banned from Twitter for life. In addition to Twitter, Facebook, such violent talk, political hatred is spreading in Telegram, Gab and Parler. As a result, there has been a rush on these platforms as well.

      Meanwhile, the accounts of Trump supporters and those who are instigating the incident have also been banned. Many companies have also imposed restrictions on content. Yesterday, Apple gave Parler Social Networking App 24 hours. It has been instructed to find out who is using this app to spread violence in Wednesday’s incident.

      Protesters are expected to have trouble spreading such content after the decision by social media apps and the move by two of the largest app download companies. Following the decision by Google and Apple, Parler App chief John Matze said Apple had applied to know Parler’s standards.

      Google says that all apps that are allowed in the Google Play Store should not contain any violent content, or that such content should not be promoted. And in this situation, in the interest of human safety, such apps are being suspended temporarily.

      Apple Parler has asked the app to delete all controversial content within 24 hours. Although Apple did not want to comment on this.

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