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      Google Chrome is saving data even after deleting it, users are worried when the truth comes out

      It’s hard to find an Internet user who doesn’t use Google at least once a day! The world’s most popular search engine is basically a large technology company that handles applications on the Android operating system and part of the phone. However, the success of Google in managing user data has been repeatedly questioned. For example, a software developer recently claimed that Google was tracking users without their consent.

      According to developer Jeff Johnson, Google keeps track of users from their browsers, Chrome’s cookies and the option to save site data. Even though the user has set the option to automatically delete all cookies and site data in Chrome after closing the browser in the settings, it is alleged that Google saves all that browsing data from its own websites when clearing the data. That is to say, the Internet giant has made arrangements for users to store and access their data without their knowledge.

      Jeff raised the issue in a blog post last week and shared a screenshot, showing that Google Chrome, and are controversially creating opportunities for users to save and access their data by thumbing their fingers inadvertently. In the case of macOS. As soon as users re-open those sites, the user’s movements can be monitored from the information saved in them.

      However, Jeff also said that it could be a bug in Google Chrome, an issue that has been noticed on Google websites. Google has confirmed that this problem has been caused by a “bug” and the company will fix it very soon. Incidentally, a couple of years ago, in 2016, Google was accused of tracking the location of users.

      Until the issue is resolved, Johnson has asked users to use the two sites as an alternative. Adding and to an exception list from browser settings can be used without hesitation, he said. To do this, open the Chrome browser on the computer and click on the top right corner menu, from there select Settings> Privacy and Security> Cookies and Other Site Data> Site Options.

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