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      Google agrees to pay the news agency

      Just before the US presidential election, it is impossible to say who is busy holding the seat, President Trump or the executives of big technology companies like Google-Facebook. Because, the bee is loose.

      Honeycomb is the skyrocketing number of digital ad markets in the net world. Where for so many years, big technology companies like Google and Facebook have pocketed the Lions shares by practically ‘monopolizing’. As a result of which, they have always run the business as per their whims and fancies, from the regulatory body to the law-courts, to everyone, by showing ‘thumbs’. This allegation has been around the world for many years. The exclusive power in their hands and the unethical conduct of business in that country has been a source of anger for a long time. From that source, this time Google-Facebook is in the face of the investigation of the Congress in the United States itself. Separate antitrust scrutiny is also being conducted against them by the Coalition of State and the Justice Department. It is being heard that by amending the law by tying the companies have started to be torn to pieces.

      Only time will tell who will finish the race. However, in the midst of the global controversy, in another old debate, Google has informed about its stance with some backfoot, this time the recognition of high-quality journalism and news delivery will also come from Google. If the news published in the contracted news agency is ‘in the mind’ of the Google authorities, the news agency concerned will get a certain amount of money for its use on the Google platform. Selected news in this way can be found in ‘News Show-Case’ under Google’s News and Discover Services. For now, it will only be available on the Android platform, but soon iOS customers will be offered the same benefits. In the future, the news will also be found in Google Discover app and Google search. In a blog post, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said on Thursday, ‘I have always had a deep respect for sharp journalism.

      I believe that the news industry has an important role to play in building a democratic society. So, in the new system of news licensing, in the next 3 years, Google will pay 1 billion dollars to foreign news organizations in exchange for their news. The new service ‘News Show-Case’ is being launched from this day with Der Spiegel and The Jay in Germany and Hola de Sao Paulo in Brazil. According to the company, the service will soon be launched in several countries, including Belgium, India and the Netherlands. For this, agreements have already been reached with these countries as well as 200 news agencies from multiple countries including Argentina, Australia, Britain, Brazil, Canada. Including Spiegel of Germany, Alzheimer Zeitung of Frankfurter, Die J, Tagasipiegel, The Raines Post, Schwartz of Australia, The Conversation, Private Media, Saltis Media and the Associated Daily of Brazil and A Gazette. Although it is only a matter of time before the number of contracted companies increases in the coming days.

      Many news organizations around the world, including Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp and the German news agency Axel Springer, have long demanded money to use their news on the Google platform. Several countries, including France and Australia, have taken the issue to court. The Australian government has also come up with a new code.

      In a blog post on Thursday, Brad Bender, vice president (product management) of the company, claimed that the introduction of Google’s new licensing system would not only provide better news to readers but also open up opportunities for news organizations to make huge profits by promoting their platform on Google. Long ago, in 2016, it was taken over by the Google News Initiative.

      A number of European and international publications and news organizations, including AFP, have already approached the European Union seeking new legislation on the use of Internet news outlets. They claimed that even though they made a lot of money from advertisements, they did not give any part of it to the concerned news agency. That rule needs to be changed.

      In April of this year, France’s competition regulatory authority issued a directive that Internet platforms Google would have to pay a certain amount of money to use news agency news in compliance with a new digital copyright law introduced in Europe. The French regulator also instructed the two sides to immediately discuss the amount of money for any news.

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