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      Good news for customers, Airtel 5G recharge plan will not cost more

      Bharti Airtel has already launched its 5G Plus service in a total of 21 cities in India. It has also promised to make this list longer in the new year. At the same time, the telecom company also confirmed that residents of cities covered by the 5G Plus network coverage will get high-speed 5G internet access through their existing 4G plans at no extra charge till the pan India-based 5G service is launched. But, after the launch of 5G services across India, how much to spend to buy a prepaid or postpaid recharge plan – this question has arisen in many minds. In this regard, some investors have claimed that this Sunil Bharti Mittal-led telecom company will launch affordable 5G plans for its customers.

      Incidentally, there are several factors that telecom companies need to keep in mind while determining the appropriate pricing for 5G services. For example – customer usage patterns, market dynamics and number of users. As Airtel plans to launch affordable 5G plans, the question remains whether it is possible to offer high-speed internet services for less.

      Airtel may launch 5G recharge plans at affordable prices

      Airtel has been busy rolling out their 5G services across India for over 3 months now. But despite the arrival of 5G mobile cellular networks, telecom companies have not revealed how much Indians will be charged for 5G plans. It is believed that Airtel and other telecom companies will not make an official statement on the matter until the 5G roll-out is complete across the country.

      However, as the telecom company is moving fast to roll out its 5G Plus service coverage across various cities in India, the prices of the 5G plans may be revealed in the next few months.

      Meanwhile, Airtel is currently deploying 5G non-standalone (NSA) network. In this case, it should be noted that non-standalone 4G spectrum can also be used in 5G networks. Hence, the telecom company will have the advantage of providing 5G network coverage over a large area by using the large amount of mid-brand spectrum that was available for 4G. In this regard, an Airtel official said that the amount of capex that the telco has spent in the last three years, around Rs 27,000 to 28,000 crore, will be spent on setting up 5G towers and network upgradation. And a large portion of the capex will be spent primarily on – radio, broadband, fiber, enterprise tech data centers, etc.

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