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      Get free Amazon Prime Video, Wynk Music subscriptions, new data add-on plan Airtel on prepaid!

      Late last year, Airtel came up with several new plans. Earlier this year, they also announced changes to the popular Plan RS 249. This time the company has come up with various offers in the data add-on plan. The list of add-on plans has been extended in the Airtel Thanks App. As can be seen in the app, add-on plans are being offered at RS 78, 89, 131, 246.

      In this case, the previous add-on plans 48, 98, 251 and 401 are also in this list. This data add-on can be availed if any other plan is activated as well as additional data is required. Keep in mind that these add-on plans cannot be used without recharging any other plan. It can be recharged with only 48 and 401 RS recharge.

      Let’s take a look at the benefits of a plan.

      The company is offering 5GB and 25GB data on prepaid plans of RS 78 and RS 248. As long as the plan is valid, the data will also be valid. It also comes with a free Wynk Music subscription. Where unlimited ad-free music can be heard. One-year add-on plan is getting one-year validity 78 and 248 RS add-on plan is getting one-year validity.

      The prepaid plan of RS 89 has been announced recently. It has 6GB of data. The longer the validity of the active plan you have on your mobile number, the more valid it will be.

      In the 131 RS add-on plan, data facility will not be available in that way. Only 100MB of data will match here. Which will be valid for 30 days. With Amazon Prime, Airtel XStream, Hello Tunes and Wynk Music subscriptions are available.

      30GB data will be available for 28 days with 401 RS add-on. With Disney + Hotstar subscriptions.

      12GB data will be available in the 98 RS add-on. Which will remain valid till the time of validity of the Active Plan.

      In addition, Airtel is offering its users Wynk Music. Which can be found in the subscription of 9 rupees and 299 rupees. Subscriptions can be found from Airtel Digital Store. Ad-free songs can be heard for free.

      Airtel is offering users a free trial of Prime Video Mobile Edition. Users are getting additional data coupons on recharge over RS 200 from Airtel Thanks App. So, the company is giving 2GB additional data, which will be valid for 28 days. 4GB additional data is being given for 56 days and 6GB additional data is being given for 84 days.

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