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    Free Netflix on Sat-Sun! Learn the best data plan of Airtel, Jio, Vi below 100 rupees

    Netflix Streamfest is starting from Saturday i.e. 5th December. This free promotional offer will run until Sunday, December 6th. To enjoy free streaming for two days in a row, users need to go to Netflix and create a name, email address and password. And Netflix will not ask users for any card details for this free streaming. With this promotional offer, customers can enjoy all the catalogs of Netflix. It includes movies, shows, documentaries and much more.

    To get all the benefits of Netflix Streamfest, users need to use their smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs, iOS and Android apps. However, Netflix has stated that its streaming quality will be Standard Definition (SD).

    Netflix has a huge supply of content that customers can’t finish watching in two days. And looking at this huge amount of content can run out of customer data. Maybe the data ran out in the middle of watching some streaming. And then any recharge plan with little money will become urgent. Have you considered any plans of Airtel or Jio or Vi in that case? Airtel, Jio, Vi offer up to 12GB of data below Rs 100. Let us know in detail about these plans.

    Airtel’s Rs 48 Data Pack –

    This prepaid recharge pack offers customers 3GB of data for 28 days.

    Airtel’s Rs 98 Data Pack –

    With this data recharge, customers get the opportunity to enjoy data up to a total of 12GB.

    Vi’s Rs 48 Data Pack –

    With this recharge plan, customers can enjoy 3GB of data for 28 days. Also, if this pack is recharged from the phone or web app, customers get 200MB of extra data again.

    Vi’s Rs 98 Data Pack – 

    Vodafone Idea offers customers a total of 12GB of data for 28 days on this recharge plan.

    Jio’s Rs 51 4G Data Voucher –

    In this recharge pack, Jio customers get access to up to 6GB of complementary data. With this again the talktime facility in this recharge pack is 656 IUC minutes.

    Jio’s 101 Taka 4G Data Voucher – 

    This plan offers customers up to 12GB of complimentary data. As well as 1362 IUC minutes are given to the customers as talktime benefits.

    BSNL’s prepaid plans of Rs 94 and Rs 95 – 

    These two plans are valid for up to 90 days. Customers get 3GB of high-speed data on these two plans. BSNL also offers 100 minutes free voice calls to customers on prepaid plans of Rs 94 and Rs 95. This government telco offers 100 minutes of free calling to any part of India, be it local or national.

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