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      Forgot phone password or pattern? Know How to Unlock your phone.

      Who doesn’t want to hide their personal photos, videos or other important information on a smartphone? This is why many people do not lose their cell phone; Again, almost everyone has enabled all the security systems like passwords, patterns etc. on the phone. In that case, new features like fingerprint or face unlock on modern handsets to keep pace with the times, but the popularity of password or pattern lock option has not waned at all. Moreover, to keep the fingerprint or face unlock feature on, almost all phones have to set a specific password or pattern.

      But using this password or pattern has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. We often forget our passwords or patterns because of laziness or forgetfulness. Which makes us quite uncomfortable reading. To unlock the smartphone, you have to go around the service canter many times. But today we will tell you about some easy ways that you can unlock the phone while sitting at home to avoid this kind of problem.

      How to unlock the phone if you forget the password or pattern

      In this case, the first method you can use to unlock the phone is hard reset. In order to perform a hard reset of the phone, first you have to switch off the phone. Then wait a minute and press the volume down button and the power button together, after which the phone will go into recovery mode. Now you have to click on the factory reset option displayed on the screen and click on the Wipe Cache button to clean the phone data. Now after resetting the phone, wait for a while and then switch on. You will see that the phone is unlocked.

      However, apart from hard reset, the phone can also be reset through Google’s Android Device Manager. To unlock the phone with this option, first delete all the data of the phone and reset the phone. This will unlock the device. However, in addition to resetting the phone, there is also the facility to trace the phone through the mentioned website.

      By the way, resetting the voice through the above two strategies will unlock the phone, but all the data including phone contacts, SMS, photos will be deleted, which is very unlikely to be returned.

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