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      Find out which app is slowing down your phone

      The use of smartphones is increasing day by day. Because smartphones can do a lot of hard work in an instant. And different apps help to do this. However, this app can affect the storage and speed of the smartphone. For this, nowadays 12 GB to 16 GB RAM is provided in the smartphone. But not everyone can afford to buy a phone with so much RAM. In that case, it is important to delete the apps that are taking up extra space. This will make your phone work just as fast, as well as increase battery life. But do you understand which app occupies more storage on your phone? Today we will tell you that method.
      But before blaming an app for slowing down the phone, let me tell you that in most cases, apps like Facebook and Instagram consume the most battery and RAM.

      Find out which apps are slowing down the phone by using more storage

      First go to phone settings.

        Now tap on storage or memory.

        Then in the storage list you will see which app is using the most space in your phone. In this list you will see the share of internal memory.

        Then tap on Memory used by apps.

        In this list you will see App Usage at four intervals of RAM (3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and 1 day).

        This way you will know which app is using the most RAM.

        Based on this information, you can uninstall that app soon. If your internal memory is full then the phone may slow down. Make sure that the internal memory of the phone is a little empty. This will increase the speed of your phone. Also, don’t forget to restart your phone once a day.

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