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      FAUG launch date Confirmed| What is FAU-G?

      Friends, as soon as PUBG is banned in India, FAUG means FAU-G game is launched in India. The FAU-G game is also a battle game similar to PUBG.
      Friends, as you know, the Government of India has stopped 120 Chinese Apps, including Pubg, just a few days ago. The Government of India’s closure of the public sector is the second largest step after TikTok. We Indians appreciate this move.

      But after Pubg’s closure, another game is coming called FAUG. It is also an online game. So, let’s know about that FAUG Game.

      What is FAUG

      FAUG’s full name is FEARLESS AND UNITED GUARDS. It is a complete online game. With this, 20% of FAUG revenue will go to #BharatKeVeer trust.
      Friends, you can also play this game with your friends like Pubg. It is going to run like a full platform. We will give you complete information about it in the coming few days because the company said that the initial release date is 14 November 2020. It’s available with two Platforms: Android as well as iOS.

      FAUG Launch Date in India (when FAUG will launch) >> Friends FAUG game is going to be launched in India very soon. We will update you as soon as we know about when to launch in FAUG India.
      We will tell you very soon about what you are going to get in this game.
      Friends, Entrepreneur Vishal Gondal has announced the FAU-G mobile game.

      What do you think is FAUG in the coming few hours? When will FAUG arrive? FAUG India launch date? How to download FAU-G? Will tell about all these.

      If you want to know more about what FAUG is, then comment.

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