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      FASTag: FASTag is mandatory from January 1

      If you have your own car and it does not have Fastag (Fastag), then make arrangements to Fastag without delay. Because, after a few days, the Union Ministry of Transport has been making it mandatory to install Fastag on all four-wheelers. If the vehicle is not fitted with Fastag from January 1, 2021, the owner of the vehicle will be fined under the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1989. More than 720 toll plazas across the country are ready to accept payment in this process.

      Fastag are being made mandatory to fully implement the initiative taken by the Centre to introduce digital payment system in toll plazas to reduce congestion and transport time on national roads.

      Since 2016, it has been made mandatory to buy new four-wheelers and fasten them at the time of registration. The car manufacturer or dealer company arranges Fastag in that case. By amending the Central Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989, it has been proposed to make it mandatory to install Fastag on all four-wheelers purchased before December 1, 2017.

      In the words of a senior official of the Union Ministry of Transport, ‘All four-wheelers must be fitted with Fastag. If the Fastag is not installed, it will be considered a punishable offense under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules and may even result in a fine. Fastag can be bought for 500 rupees through Paytm. In that case there will be a refundable security deposit of RS 250 and a minimum balance of RS 150. This minimum balance must be maintained at all times. If you buy Fastag from ICICI Bank, you have to keep a tag assurance fee of RS 99.12, a deposit of RS 200 and a minimum balance of RS 200.

      The new rules will apply to all types of four-wheelers carrying passengers and goods. In addition to this, it has been proposed to amend Form No. 51 to make it mandatory to have a valid Fastag during the third-party insurance of the vehicle. Fastag ID will be used when insuring third party. It has been proposed to implement this rule from April 1, 2021.

      On September 1, the Union Ministry of Transport has issued a draft guideline to this effect. The Centre has sought the views and suggestions of all the beneficiaries on this proposal. The use of Fastag has been made mandatory in August this year to get a discount on toll fees. There is even a special discount on the toll fee if you return within 24 hours if you have Fastag.

      There are two alternative ways to recharge Fastag. First of all, make a wallet at the bank from which you will buy Fastag. It can be recharged through internet banking, credit card or debit card and UPI. Second, it is possible to recharge Fastag with mobile payment apps like Paytm or PhonePay.

      The Fastag is valid for five years after issuance. There is no limit to the validity of the recharge. The first Fastag system was introduced in 2014. Like a sticker on the front glass of a car. Money is automatically deducted from the bank account associated with Fastag when the car crosses the toll plaza. There is no possibility of traffic jam if the car does not stop.

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