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      Fake CoWIN app appeared before the vaccine arrived! Beware not download, warning by centre

      The App Store is full of fake CoWIN mobile apps, the Centre’s Ministry of Health has warned the people of the country not to download. The countrymen will get the Covid-19 vaccine by registering in this CoWIN mobile app. But the app has not been created yet. At the pre-production level, it will take a few more days to go live. And before that, the target of hackers is now the app, with the help of which people all over the country will get the corona vaccine.

      The people are waiting for the vaccine to be broken. And the team of hackers wants to take advantage of the instability of the people and take all their information at once. So, advice, don’t fall into the trap by mistake. The central government is alerting the people that such apps are fake, downloading them can cause financial loss and cyber criminals can snatch a lot of information from the users. The Drug Control General of India (DCGI) has approved two vaccines during this emergency. Earlier, there was a message from the government that the CoWIN app would be widely publicized to reach Indians before it was launched. Although the price of the vaccine for the general population of the country has not been announced yet, the coronavirus vaccine will be given free to those who are fighting for Covid from the front.

      On behalf of the Centre’s Ministry of Health, it was tweeted that an app called ‘#CoWIN’ has already been opened in the App Store for malicious purposes. Be careful not to download this app and do not share any personal information. CoWIN As soon as the app is launched, the Ministry of Health will convey all the related information to the people of the country.

      The coronavirus vaccine will be delivered to Indians in two steps. At first you will find people ranging from doctors to nurses, hospital staff, health workers and people who are directly connected to the corona patient. And only then will it be available to people over the age of 50.

      In December last year, Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asked the people to take part in the challenge to strengthen the co-win system for the distribution of vaccines across the country. The winner of the competition will get a cash prize of Rs 40 lakh and the runner-up will get a cash prize of Rs 20 lakh.

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