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      Facebook is changing! The ‘Like’ button will no longer be on the public page

      Netizens don’t need to be told exactly what the ‘Likes’ relationship is with Facebook. Admittedly, the number of ‘likes’ is the judge of nobility in this most popular world of social media. But this time, Facebook is going to remove that very important button from their public page. That was stated in a blog post of the company on Wednesday.

      From now on, the pages of celebrity or brand are being redesigned by Mark Zuckerberg’s company. From now on, only the number of followers can be seen on the public page of Facebook. Everyone can express their opinion in the news feed. Celebs will be able to keep in touch with the fans there. But why such a sudden change? Facebook says, “We are removing the ‘Like’ button. The focus is on the followers. The changes are being made to make it easier for people to communicate with their favourite pages”. In other words, from now on it will be possible to understand the fan base of any celeb or brand with the number of followers.

      This is how netizens can follow public profiles on Instagram. This time the same method will be used on Facebook. The goal is to make page conversations more accessible to more people. That is why the comments of public figures are being brought to the top of the comments section. You can also follow that page from comments or recommendation posts.

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