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      Exclusive: Paytm disappears from Google Play Store


      Paytm’s original app disappeared from the Google Play Store. If you search this app in Google Play Store now, you will see other apps of Paytm but you will not find the original app. Even if you try to download Paytm app by searching from Google, ‘Item Not Found’ appears. Although Paytm was contacted by TechGap on the matter, they did not respond. Even Google did not say anything about it.
      Paytm is at the peak of popularity as a mobile wallet in India. Even most UPI transactions in India are done through this platform. It is unclear why such a platform was removed from the Google Play Store. Although the Paytm app is still available in the Apple App Store. We even found the app in the Xiaomi App Store.

      For months now, people in the country have been angry with Paytm over Chinese investment. There were also repeated allegations of fraud against this app in the name of KYC. For this reason, a few days ago, Paytm also started giving an advertisement with Kokila Parag Modi to warn their customers.

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