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      Even if the internet is off, the stolen phone can be recovered, the new feature is being added to the Google Find My Device app

      In the current digital era, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Be it urgent work or leisure entertainment, we now turn to this tiny device for everything. So when we unfortunately lose this dear friend, we feel no end of discomfort. Since most of the people these days have all their personal details stored on their phone, if it is suddenly lost, it becomes a necessity to spend a lot of money to buy a new handset as well as get back the old device. Because if some miscreant gets access to the lost phone and somehow gets access to all that data, there is a high possibility of huge financial loss and cyber fraud. So when the phone is lost, the users get up and down to find it

      However, tracking or retrieving a lost smartphone is not possible in many cases. However, many people go to the police station to file a report immediately after the theft, and in most cases, nothing comes of it. This is why iPhone is preferred by many, as it has several useful in-built features for tracking lost phones. In this respect, iPhone is considered to be far ahead of Android. But Android users won’t have to hold back for much longer; Because it has recently been reported that Google is soon going to roll out a special tracking feature for Android phones like the iPhone. Through this the location of the phone will be known even if the mobile data is turned off. This is known by the company in the latest update of the Play system.

      Now even if there is no internet, you can easily find the stolen Android phone, Google is bringing a new feature

      Let us inform you, Google Play Store has an app called Find My Device, which helps users to find stolen phones. But the problem in this case is that if the phone’s net is not on, this app will not work in any way. Google has brought a new update to Halfil to solve this problem. Recently, the tech giant has informed that the feature in question will be available in the Find My Device app in the coming days. Simply put, users will be able to use the new feature only by using the app, due to which the location of the stolen phone can be known very easily even if it is not on the net. Hence, it goes without saying that the upcoming feature will benefit the users in particular.

      How to use Find My Device?

      To use Find My Device in addition to the app, users first need to go to the website in their browser. Then sign in with the same Google account that was used to log in to the stolen phone. Then you will see many options. If the Play Sound option is selected, the stolen phone will ring at full volume for 5 minutes continuously, even if it is in silent or vibration mode. As a result, users will be able to find the phone easily if it is somewhere nearby. Again, clicking on the Secure Device option allows you to remotely lock the phone via PIN, password or screen lock. Moreover, any contact number or message can also be associated with PIN/password/normal screen lock. As a result, if someone finds the phone, he can contact the owner directly.

      Besides, with the help of the erase device option, users can delete all the necessary documents and folders stored on the phone, so that no one else can access them in any way. Let’s say in this case, until now, for all these tasks, it was mandatory for the stolen phone to be online. However, to please the users, Google has recently announced that these options will be accessible without internet when the new feature arrives. But from when exactly all these things will be possible to do without net, nothing is definitely known from the organization at the moment.

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