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      End of the wait, Google brings progressive web app support for YouTube

      This time Google has come up with the progressive web app or PWA of YouTube ( Although American has offered PWA multiple services, including tech giant, Google Music and TV, so far, no such move has been made for YouTube. However, according to a recent report, many users have been asked to install its progressive web app after opening YouTube on their phones.

      9to5 According to this report from Google, Google has come up with progressive web app support for their If you visit YouTube from a browser, you will see an ‘Install App’ notification on the right side of the address bar. You can also see the red play logo on YouTube here.

      Now you may be wondering if the YouTube app is already available in the App Store, then why should I install the PWA version? In fact, the progressive web app will give you almost the same experience as the web and it will be installed in a moment. Not only that, like the app, it does not require multiple permissions. YouTube will open in a window here and you will not see any address bar or UI elements.

      Meanwhile, it was announced a few days ago, YouTube will allow users to make purchases from their platform. To that end, the company has already started working on this new feature. Where creators can add different products to their videos. From there visitors can buy things. This will add a shopping bag icon to the bottom left of the YouTube video.

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