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      Easily find the bag to key, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth tracker

      Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event was held just three days ago; The South Korean company has launched a new flagship smartphone series (Galaxy S21) and a new earbud (Galaxy Buds Pro) at the event. But not just phones or earphones, Samsung has also brought a new Bluetooth tracker to the market at this unpacked event. With the help of this Bluetooth tracker called Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, users can easily find out where their bags, keys or other things are, and even pet pets can be tracked. Let us know the details about the specification of this Samsung Galaxy SmartTag product.


      First of all, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag works based on Bluetooth. In this case, to find the specific thing easily, the user has to tap the ring button on his mobile and follow the ringtone set on the specified device. The Bluetooth range of this SmartTag tracker is 120 meters. Within this range users will be able to use the device without any restrictions; If the Bluetooth is out of range it will use the Galaxy Find network to find things that are only available with Galaxy devices. On the other hand, the ‘plus’ (+) version of this device has Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, which allows users to track the exact location of lost items.

      However, just as the Galaxy SmartTag is as effective as finding busy or forgetful users, it can also be used to control various IoT devices. However, in order to use the feature to control IoT devices, the user has to register in the SmartThings app.


      Surely you can understand how convenient the feature of this Bluetooth tracker is! In that case, the price of this fun product may surprise you a bit. The standard variant of the Galaxy SmartTag is priced at 29.99 (approximately Rs. 2,194 in Indian price) and the SmartTag + model is priced at 39.99 (approximately Rs. 2,925). In terms of availability, it will go on sale in the US and UK markets from January 29. However, it is expected to be available in the global market soon.

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