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      Duplicate pictures ruining phone storage? Easy solution in these 4 apps! See list

      Free unlimited backups on Google Photos are coming to an end from the first day of June. I wouldn’t have thought if I had pressed one shutter after another to take a picture for so long. Google Photos has unlimited free storage, so no matter how many photos you take, all the photos are saved in the cloud backup. However, from June 1 this year, that picture is going to change. As a result, when free storage runs out, you may need to purchase additional cloud storage to back up photos, or back up to another computer or hard drive. Although there is a simple solution to this problem.

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      Everyone presses the shutter multiple times to take a picture to frame the perfect moment on the phone. Each time you press the shutter, a new image is saved. Which wastes some space in the phone’s storage? One of the pictures is liked but the other pictures are saved in the storage of the phone. Most films have either focus or exposure problems. Deleting these unnecessary photos can save a lot of space on the phone’s storage and cloud storage. But choosing from thousands of pictures by hand is time consuming. So, there are multiple apps to do this. Take a look at the top five apps for deleting duplicate photos on Android phones.

      1) Files by Google:

      Files for Google has a bunch of storage management features. One of the options to delete duplicate pictures. Also using this app, long unused apps can be easily deleted. Open the Files app, select the duplicate card with all permissions and press delete. Duplicate audio, documents, videos and other files can also be deleted using this app.

      2) Duplicate Cleaner:

      Another popular Android app Duplicate Cleaner. This app will help you to delete duplicate pictures by scanning all the pictures on your phone. In addition to pictures, this app will delete duplicate audio, documents, etc.

      3) Knox Cleaner:

      Popular Knox Cleaner for storage optimization and system junk deletion. In addition to junk cleaner, this app has photo booster, antivirus, CPU cooler, image manager and other features.

      Customers can delete duplicate images with a single click by scanning the storage using Notch Cleaner’s Image Manager.

      4) Remo Duplicate Photo Remover:

      Remo Duplicate Photo Remover is one of the most popular apps for deleting duplicate photos. This app has a bunch of features for image management.

      This app can not only scan and find the same picture, but also find the same picture with more than one name. Similar images are shown in a set after scanning. Other images can be deleted by selecting the desired image from there.

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