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    Don’t worry, Google Pay doesn’t charge you! Find out today.

    Do you have to pay extra to send money to someone on Google Pay? This is the question that has been on the minds of customers for the past few days. This is because Google’s payment system recently announced that users will be charged a fee for instant money transfers from now on. However, this charge is only for American users. Google India has made it clear that Indians do not have to pay extra to transfer money to Google Pay.

    Recently a notice was issued on behalf of this tech giant. And there it is mentioned that if customers want to transfer any instant money in the new year, they will have to spend extra money from January next year. At the moment GPay offers the facility to send money from mobile and (web). However, the company has announced that the web version will be discontinued. The system will be effective from January 2021, the agency said.

    Google says it is closing the peer-to-peer payments facility for the web. That’s why instant money transfers have been adding extra charges to customers since January 2021, according to a 9to5Google report. And this is where the customers fall into a big mess. Apart from America, many G Pay users in other parts of the world, even in India, became anxious and started asking questions on social media to Google India.

    Google India then hastily issued a statement saying

    ‘This charge is only available to US customers. In India There is no additional charge for GPay or Google Pay for Business users. Google also said that the original app will not work in the US from January.

    “From the beginning of 2021, it will not be possible to send or receive money from,” the tech giant said in a statement. If you want to send money to someone or take money from someone, you have to use Google Pay app. Google further writes on the support page, ‘It usually takes one to three days to send money to your bank account. When you transfer money with the help of debit card, it becomes instant. If you send money to someone through a debit card, 1.5 percent or 3 .31 or more is deducted.

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