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      Don’t fall into the trap of this corona vaccine scheme by mistake, Final Warning Central Gov.

      The centre can give good news to the people at the beginning of next year. Vaccination with the Corona Vaccine may begin. But with the help of this vaccination process, cyber criminals can also become active. Hackers can snatch money from personal information and accounts with any kind of offer to get the vaccine. And so, the Centre has already warned about this.

      A recent tweet from the Centre’s Cyber ​​Safety Wing. It says, “Waiting for the corona vaccine, anxiety is growing. In this situation, cyber criminals have become active. They are using various methods to deceive the common people. “First of all, to get the corona vaccine, click on this link and pay and register (pay and register). “Such offers can also be given through phone, message, e-mail. You may be deceived by this. So be careful”.

      The use of social media has increased in the last few months in Corona. However, cybercrime has also increased. At this time, cyber criminals have become more active. The first is to talk about tempting offers or free gifts and ask ordinary people to click on the links they create. And then as soon as someone does that, all the information of that phone or computer goes into the hands of cyber criminals. This time cyber criminals can do the same thing in the name of corona vaccine. So, this warning from the canter.

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