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      Disconnecting mobile from charging cable without switching off? Right or wrong, know

      Most of the mobile or other device users do one thing while charging the phone or laptop. Maybe you do too. Is there any damage to your favorite device? Learn more in this report.

      What is done?

      Everyone uses a wall charger to charge a phone or laptop. Which is directly connected to the electrical line of the house through a socket. But many mobile users simply disconnect the phone from the charging cable without switching it off after the charge is over.

      However, charging a device through a power bank has a relatively good advantage. Because in that case if any device is not connected to the charging cable then the power bank shuts down automatically.

      Is there a problem with the charging cable or the adapter?

      According to experts, even if the wall plug is switched on, if there is no device connected to the charging cable, then there is no damage in case of adapter or charging cable. Also the adapters that are currently offered with smartphones have a sleep mode. If no device is connected, the power transmission through that adapter is completely stopped. As a result, there is no worry of getting worse.

      So where is the problem?

      The problem is in the case of electricity consumption. This is because, even if the device is disconnected without disconnecting the power from the wall socket, a small amount of power is consumed. As a result, it may have an impact on the bill of the mobile user. Even if it is very small, the amount of user bill will increase. These problems can occur as most charging adapters do not have sleep mode. But now that the charging adapter is being given sleep mode, this problem may not occur.

      However, the electricity system has not yet reached many places in our world. This problem has arisen due to the shortage of electricity as well as the problem of power supply. So everyone should make sure that electricity is not wasted. So the device should be disconnected by switching off the charging cable.

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