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      Digital voter cards can be download from today at home, learn How to download e-EPIC?

      Voter card is now Digital. This time the e-version of the voter card can be downloaded with just the phone number sitting at home. That is why there is no need to bear the risk of appearing in any document or in person. Not only that, if the voter card is lost, the harassment will not have to happen again. The Election Commission is launching such an innovative initiative from today.

      Today is the National Voters Day. The Election Commission is going to launch E-EPIC service on the same day. What is this E-EPIC? The Election Commission says E-EPIC is the online version of the voter card. Which will be as effective as the previous voter card. Voting This E-EPIC will act as an authentic document in all cases where the voter card is acceptable. EPIC’s digital format will have two QR codes. A code will contain the voter’s name and other information. The other will have his booth number, part number, voter number. The downloaded card will contain all this information. On the basis of which the voters will be able to exercise their voting right. But if we move forward on the path of digitalization, will the current voter card be cancelled? According to the commission, there is no such possibility. At the same time both methods will continue. That is, voters will be able to use both the Voter Card and the new digital voter card.

      How to download this E-EPIC?

      The Commission has chosen two stages for downloading E-EPIC. In the first phase, new voters will be able to download voter cards on January 25-31. Voters who have applied for the card by filling up Form No. 6 of the Election Commission will be able to download E-EPIC from the Commission’s website and mobile app only with a valid mobile number. At this stage, about 20 lakh 45 thousand new voters in Bengal will be able to download digital voter cards. In the second phase, digital voter cards will be given to the old voters from February 1. Only those who have a valid phone number with their voter card can download the E-EPIC.

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