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      Demand is growing at a tremendous 4G speed! Find out now how to activate an obsolete BSNL Sim Card

      As per TRAI’s directive in 2013, prepaid customers have to keep a balance of at least Rs 20 or more on their mobiles. And if there is no such balance, then the SIM card of the customer will be deactivated. TRAI also has rules to deactivate the phone numbers of prepaid customers who have not used any calling, SMS, or data service for 90 days.

      Once the mobile number is deactivated, that phone number can be reactivated within a grace period of 15 days. However, customers have to spend Rs 20 for that reactivation. If you are a BSNL prepaid subscriber and want to re-activate your BSNL number, follow the procedure below.

      How to Reboot a BSNL Sim Card –

      There are multiple ways to reactivate a deactivated or expired BSNL SIM card. Now if your BSNL number is deactivated without recharging or SIM card is lost then these methods are for you.

      1) First you need to call BSNL Customer Care and send a request to activate your obsolete SIM.

      2) Now go to BSNL store and submit that activation request.

      3) Along with that you have to submit your photo ID and proof of address to BSNL store.

      4) Then you will get a confirmation call and your BSNL SIM will be activated.

      Now if your SIM is disconnected for any reason, what to do? Know –

      1) You need to contact the CSC in-charge and make a written request to get that mobile number.

      2) Then the executive will check all the details of your number. If your number has not been given to anyone else, you need to submit a request to the In Billing Incharge through the internal portal to release that number.

      3) After emergency verification, you will be given back the old number.

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