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    Cleaning the smartphone with sanitizer! Do you know what is causing serious damage?

    Masks, hand sanitizers, sanitizer sprays and other things to keep away viruses have become part of the daily routine of New Normal. But not only yourself, but also the things you take out with you need to be kept sterile. And the name of the smartphone comes at the top of that list. But the problem is that if you try to clean the mobile phone just like you clean your hands with sanitizer, then there is no protection. In one jump, the lifespan of your phone will be reduced a lot. Find out what kind of damage can be done if you use sanitation on your smartphone.
    Your smartphone is lying at home or at work. As a result, it is not uncommon for dust and sand to stick to it. He picked up the mobile phone with ease and held it to his ear. As a result, the dust and dirt also touches your body. Coronavirus can go on for a long time. But experts say that it is not right to use alcohol sanitizer to clean the smartphone. This causes extreme damage to the phone.

    1. Repeated use of sanitizer will make the screen of the phone look very clean. But it actually damages the screen. It also damages the headphone jack and speakers.
    2. The use of sanitation has also increased the crowd at the servicing center. Because the lifespan of mobile is decreasing faster than before. According to experts, sanitizers contain alcohol. So after cleaning the mobile with it, there is a strong possibility of short circuit in the headphone jack or charger.
    3. This is not the end, the list of losses is longer. The use of sanitizer can cause the display to gradually turn yellow. At the same time, the camera lens also gets worse. So don’t sanitize Sadh’s smartphone again and again even if you make a mistake.

    Now the question is how to take care of the mobile phone?
    1. You can buy professional cleaning solutions. If not, pour a small amount of sanitizer in the cotton. Then switch off the mobile and delete it.
    2. Special wipes that contain 80 percent alcohol can be easily found in the market. You can disinfect the smartphone with it.
    3. You can easily clean your mobile phone by buying protected anti-bacterial tissue paper. You can also get it at any drug store. Experts say that it does not damage the phone as it is dry.

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