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      Centre permission still does not match! PUBG Mobile India is not currently launching

      There has been speculation about PUBG’s comeback in India for the past few days. It was also rumoured that PUBG Mobile India would launch in India in the first week of December. But for now, PUBG has no chance of returning to India. This is because a special source in the Ministry of Information Technology has claimed that the government has not yet given permission to come back to India.

      The special source of the Ministry of Information Technology told the media Inside Sports, ‘No company that has been banned in the country can run a new company. This applies to TikTok as well as other banned apps. All of them need the permission of the Ministry of Information Technology to return to India first.


      Meanwhile, a few days ago, it was reported from several media portals that the Indian version of PUBG Mobile had opened an independent company in the country called PUBG India Private Limited with its head office in Bangalore after getting permission from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The report also claimed that the ministry had provided a valid corporate identity number (CIN), which can be seen on the website of PUBG India Private Limited.

      Incidentally, 118 Chinese apps were banned in India this year for security reasons. That list included Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile. Since then, this gaming app has been aiming to make a comeback in India. In accordance with all the rules of the government, PUBG has finally announced to launch a new form in India.

      Although PUBG Mobile was built by the South Korean company PUBG Corp., the Chinese company Tencent Games was responsible for the expansion of its servers in India. PUBG Mobile is banned in this country mainly due to its ties with Chinese companies. But within days of being banned in India, PUBG Corp. severed all ties with Tencent Games.

      A few days ago, the gaming platform announced that they are coming back to the Indian market very soon. PUBG’s parent company Krafton, Inc. in South Korea, PUBG Corp wants to start a new business in India with the launch of a new game. According to sources, Krafton, Inc., PUBG Corp.

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