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      CBI files case against Cambridge Analytica for stealing millions of Indians Facebook user’s data

      Cambridge Analytica, a London-based advisory firm. The CBI has filed a case against the foreign company for stealing the data of 520,000 Indian Facebook users. Not only Cambridge Analytica, but also another foreign company called Global Science Research has been named in the CBI allegations.

      The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) launched an investigation in 2018 after allegations were made against the agency in London. They then conducted an investigation for about two and a half years. It is learned that personal information of 335 Indian users has been stolen from Facebook. In addition, the information of the users in the list of 335 friends has also been manipulated. That is why the number stands at about 5 lakh 72 thousand. DR. Alexander Kogan, founder and director of Global Science Pvt. Ltd., also created an app called ‘This is Your Digital Life’. According to Facebook’s policy, this app could collect some specific information from users for research and educational work. But much more information was illegally collected from users through that app.

      Six of the users who downloaded the app told the CBI they had no information about it. Information has been stolen without their knowledge. If they had known, they would not have downloaded this app. Allegedly, all the information collected was given to Cambridge Analytica by Global Science Research Limited for business purposes.

      The allegations against Cambridge Analytica came after the company campaigned for Trump before the US presidential election. That’s why they steal data from Facebook. Their information influences the election campaign. Then the debate began. Cambridge Analytica also loses customers for allegedly stealing information from Facebook.

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