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      Case against Facebook, using the camera of the phone to monitor the user

      Allegations of misuse of personal information on Facebook are not new. This time, Facebook was accused of monitoring Instagram users through mobile cameras. In July, photo-sharing platform Instagram was accused of using iPhone cameras without the users’ knowledge. However, at the time, Facebook denied the allegations and said that a new bug was causing iPhone users to receive incorrect notifications. Instagram is not using any camera at all. They are trying to fix this bug.

      However, some mobile phone users have recently made the same complaint against Instagram. They said that while using Instagram, the camera of the phone is inadvertently opening and taking pictures of them. They don’t even want to do anything on camera at that time. This has been reported to occur only when scrolling the feed.

      In federal court in San Francisco, New Jersey, based on the allegations, Instagram user Brittany Conditi said the camera was used deliberately to steal users’ valuable and lucrative data. According to the complaint, Instagram and Facebook will be able to get valuable insights and market research if users access their personal information by entering their homes.

      Facebook has not yet commented on the matter. A complaint filed last month accused Facebook of illegally collecting the biometric data of 100 million Instagram users through facial recognition technology. Needless to say, Facebook is extremely upset by this new allegation.

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