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      Buy a new phone with 70 percent of the price, Realme has launched a smart upgrade program

      Smartphone maker Realme announced the Realme Smart Upgrade Program a few days ago when it launched their X7 series. Under this program, the new Realm X7 series can be purchased for only 70 percent of the price. For example, you can own the Realme X7 phone for Rs 19,999 with only Rs 13,999. Although Realme at the launch event, did not say anything special about this smart upgrade program. That’s why today in this report we will tell you the details about Realme’s new program.

      What is Realme Smart Upgrade Program –

      Realm has teamed up with e-commerce site Flipkart to bring them this smart upgrade program. The program will be live on Flipkart and from the 10th. From then on, you can buy the phone at 60 percent of the actual price of the phone (you have to choose the option at the time of purchase).

      One year after buying the smartphone, you can leave this phone if you want. For this you have to pay the remaining 30 percent price. Again, if you want, you can upgrade this phone with any new Realme X7 series phone coming in 2022. Even then you have to pay 80 percent of the price of the new phone. You can also get a bank offer.

      You can buy Realme X7 series phones at the following prices in the Realme Smart Upgrade Program

      The Realme X7 phone is priced at Rs 19,999 for the 6GB RAM variant. However, the price of the phone will be Rs 13,999 in the smart upgrade program.

      The 6GB RAM variant of the Realme X7 phone can be purchased in the Smart Upgrade program for Rs 15,399, with the original price being Rs 21,999.

      The Realme X7 Pro will be available at Rs 20,999 instead of Rs 29,999.

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