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      BSNL’s special service! Free calling worldwide without SIM card

      Internet telephony service BSNL Wings is offered to the customers by the government telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. With this service, users get the benefit of free voice calling on any network in India in the presence of internet. Not only audio calling, but also video calling and instant messaging with BSNL Wings.

      Just download an app and you will get this service –

      BSNL Wings’ internet telephony service will be very useful in those remote areas where there is no mobile network. However, Wi-Fi network is essential to get this service. Outgoing and incoming calls can be availed only through internet without any SIM card. Customers will get this service only after visiting the Google Play Store and downloading the BSNL Wings app.

      How much will it cost –

      The government telecom company is currently offering only one plan in terms of cost of BSNL Wings. Customers will have to spend Rs 1099 for that plan and its validity is 1 year. With this awesome plan, customers will get 1800 minutes of free talk time every month. Calls can be made to any network in India and once the free calling limit is over, customers will be charged 30 paisa per minute.

      The offer does not end here. With the help of BSNL Wings, customers will also get the benefit of international roaming calls. This service allows users to make incoming calls to any part of the world, on any network at no extra charge. But it will cost money. BSNL Wings users are charged Rs 1.2 per minute for international roaming calls. Also a customer has to make an ISD deposit of Rs.2000 to make international roaming calls with the help of BSNL Wings.

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