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      BSNL launches family add-on postpaid plan with data rollover facility

      Various telecom companies are currently offering data-rollover facilities. This feature allows unused data to be reused the following month. Government telecom company BSNL has brought the benefit of this data rollover for their postpaid customers. Not only that, like Airtel, BSNL and its postpaid customers will get the benefit of family add-ons from now on. All in all, BSNL is going to sort out their postpaid plans. These new plans will be launched from December 1. These new BSNL plans will be available from Rs 199 to Rs 999. When the new plans are gone, the old plans i.e. RS 99, RS 225, RS 325, RS 699 and RS 1,125 will be discontinued.

      BSNL 199 rupees postpaid plan

      BSNL’s Rs. 199 postpaid plan offers 300 minutes of free calls from BSNL to BSNL Unlimited Calling and voice calls to other networks. With that there will be 100 daily SMS. With rollover facility up to 65 GB, 25 GB data will be available. There is no family add-on facility in this plan.

      BSNL Postpaid plan of Rs

      BSNL is offering unlimited voice calling on any network with a postpaid plan of Rs. 696. However, there will be an upper limit of 250 minutes per day in case of calls. 50 GB of data will be available per month, with the benefit of data rollover up to 150 GB. Besides, there are 100 SMS daily. This plan also has the facility of family add-on. You can add two additional numbers. The same benefits as the primary number can also be found in these two numbers.

      BSNL 999 postpaid plan

      The RS 999 postpaid plan offers up to 225 GB of rollover and 75 GB of data. Along with that there is the opportunity to do unlimited voice calling (250 minutes daily) and 100 SMS daily. In this plan you can add 3 number family add-ons. Like the Rs 696 plan, this plan will provide equal benefits to all numbers.

      Let me inform the readers, even before this BSNL used to provide family add-on facility. But this facility was available only on a postpaid plan in Kolkata circle. It seems that the new plans will have the benefit of add-ons in all circles. Besides, BSNL is also adding a family add-on to their Rs 525 plan.

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