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    BSNL Best in Voice Quality, Jio and Vodafone take positions in Second and Airtel Third in TRAI My Call User Data

    The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), a government body in India, has recently released data on the quality of voice calling in various operators’ networks. This shows that in October, Airtel and Idea (Idea and Vodafone were judged by Tri as separate companies) had higher quality voice calls from state-owned telecom company BSNL. This information was published on Thursday on TRAI’s MyCall portal. Tri has collected this information through their Michael app. This app takes voice feedback quality voice feedback. According to the feedback, BSNL received a 3.6 rating out of 5 in October.

    Vodafone and Reliance Jio are among the worst in terms of voice calling quality. Despite being India’s largest network, Jio is not among the top three telecom companies as of October. Jio ranks fourth in the quality of voice calling. Their average voice quality rating is 3.2. The average indoor call rating is 3.2 and outdoor call rating is 3.3. In October, Jio’s Satisfactory Factory was 70.18%.

    According to reports, Vodafone is in worse condition than Jio. Vodafone’s average voice quality rating in October was 3.1. Of these, their average rating is 3.2 for indoor calls and 2.6 for outdoor calls. Again, Satisfactory Factory 52.11%.

    According to TRAI, Idea ranks third in terms of voice calling quality. Idea’s voice quality rating is 3.3 in October. In this case, the average rating of indoor voice calling is 3.4 and the quality rating of outdoor call is 3.1. Satisfactory rating is also 80.09%.

    Airtel ranks second among telecom operators in India in terms of voice calling quality. Airtel has an average rating of 3.5 in terms of voice quality for the month of October. In this case indoor call rating is 3.2 and outdoor call rating is 3.6. Again, this month, Airtel got 60.04% in Satisfactory Factory rating.

    But to everyone’s surprise, BSNL’s voice calling in October has seen a huge improvement. BSNL is at the forefront of voice calling quality. This month, BSNL’s average voice quality rating is 3.6. Out of which indoor call rating is 3.8 and outdoor call rating is 3.3. BSNL got 83.14% points in terms of Satisfactory rating.

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