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      Bhagwaanji app which gives information about Hindu religion and Dharma-Karma

      The world is now in the palm of the hand thanks to technology. From shopping to studying, the app is almost crowded. And this time, Kishor Fogla, a teenager from Mumbai, made a very useful app for Hindus. These app name is Bhagwaanji app. This app will match all the details related to Dharma-Karma or Puja with a single click.

      People were under house arrest for a long time due to pandemic situations. Everyone from eight to eighty became interested in doing all the work in online. Just as there is no need to go out of the house, work can be completed in a short time. In a word, the covid-19 pandemic has made everyone digitally dependent. Besides, many people could not go on pilgrimage for fear of the deadly virus. It is from here that the teenager comes up with the idea of ​​creating an app based on religion and worship. It started to become popular as soon as it came to the Play Store. Let’s find out then, what information users will get in the app.

      According to Kishor Fogla, users will be able to know the details of Hinduism and Puranas from here. Do you believe in karma? Then this app is ideal for you. If you walk in any path, you will get good results and how Karma is closely associated with life, this app will easily explain to you. You will also find all the necessary information regarding puja, temple, event etc. However, not only the information, if you wish, you can enjoy everything from worshiping through this app. The teenager says, “Suppose you want to perform puja or have a Brahmin feast at a gathering in Mumbai, but you cannot attend. In that case you can book online. Worship and feast will be organized”.

      Wait, there’s more. The religious significance of cities like Dehoghar, Vrindavan, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Haridwar, Ajodhya, known as the abode of Hindus, can also be known through the Bhagwaanji app. It can be known that there are many things like seeing God in a temple in a city. If you wish, you can also get VIP pass to visit or worship here. Imagine how easy it is to go on a pilgrimage.

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