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    Best 4 Alternative Game Of Pubg Mobile In India

    The Government of India has banned the Pubg Game. Which makes Pubg very depressed. Can’t understand what to do now. So, you have brought 4 Best Alternative Game Of Pubg for everyone which is quite good. The graphic and sound quality in it is tremendous. And you can also play with your friends in it. 

    • The Government of India has banned 118 applications from China. 
    • It also includes your favourite Game Pubg. 

     The Government of India has banned 118 applications from China. In which Pubg Game, which rules your heart, has also been banned. In such a situation, there is sadness on the face of the change of Pubg Game. 
    Currently, you cannot play Pubg Game. But there is a game like Pubg which you are going to enjoy after playing. So, let’s quickly tell which is the 4 Best Alternative Game Of Pubg…… 

    1) Garena Free Fire
    Free Fire was launched in 2017. And there are many who love it. This game was the most downloaded in 2018. In this game you are taken down in an Ice Land and there is fighting between 49 Players. 
    This is like Game Pubg where you have Card Drive, Collect Guns, Medial Kits Parachute landing and land on the place of your choice. 500 million people have downloaded the Free Fire Game. And 4.0 rating. 
    It’s talking about graphics and sound quality is good.

    Download Size: – 618MB
    Downloads: – 500M +
    Rating: – 4.1
    Version: – 1.54.1

    Released On: – Nov 20,2017
    Download From Here

    2) Call of Duty 
    If we compare this Call of Duty Game with Pubg Game, then the Call of Duty Pubg had lunch before. Order This Game was very much liked. It is not that it is not liked or not played after pub games. 
    Even today, Call of Duty is maintaining its identity in the logo. And this game has got a rating of 4.5 and if we talk about its download, more than 10 crore people have downloaded. 
    If we talk about its Graphic and Sound quality then it is tremendous. When you play this game, it will feel like we are playing Real. This game can be downloaded from Play Store. 

    Download Size: – 1.4GB
    Downloads: – 100M +
    Rating: – 4.5
    Version: – 1.0.17
    Released On: – Sep 30,2019
    Download From Here

    3) Fortnite 
    Fortnite Game is created by an American Gaming Epic. And this game has about 250 million users across the country. 100 Players can play simultaneously in this game. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the first stage in the game. And the second level starts at the end of the first stage. This game has HD Graphic installed. This company has been brought to Android version after 18 months. Fortnite game was launched in April. 

    Downloading Size: – 165.3 MB 
    Released On: – April, 2020 
    Downloads: – 25 Cr 
    Rating: -4.3 

    4) ARK: Survival Evolved 
    4 Best Alternative Game of Pubg is going to know about Last Game.  Survival Evolved is quite different from Game Battle Ground. In this game you have to survive. To survive, you have to make food, clothes, houses, weapons by yourself. And in this game, you will get dinosaurs which will get you for water, air, underground everywhere and you can also play in single or group. 

    Downloading Size: -2.4GB 
    Rating: – 4.0 
    Downloads: – 10 M +
    Released On: – Jun 13,2018 
    Download From Here

    note: – In this post, we have told you 4 Best Alternative Game of Pubg. Which is 4 High Graphic Game. If you like play Game in Android Mobile, then you can play 4 Best Alternative Game of Pubg. You are going to enjoy a lot in all these games. If you want to ask anything, you can ask for comment. Or you think there should be another game in this 4 Best Alternative Game Of Pubg, then you can comment.   

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