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      Be careful, there are multiple problems coming to the phone after the Android 11 update

      In early September, tech giant Google launched Android 11, the latest Android operating system for all phones. Naturally, those who have bought new smartphones in the last four-five months, have thought yes! If I would get a new phone after a few more days. Then I would get a new operating system. Many have also wondered whether the newly purchased device will support the new OS. This is because an upgrade of the software or operating system on the device means the opportunity to use multiple new features. But for those who are eagerly awaiting Google’s latest Android operating system, Android 11, they may be a little disappointed.

      Some bugs or issues may be noticed on the device after each new software update. There are also some bugs in the Android 11 operating system that can cause headaches for users, especially gamers. One of these bugs is the annoying presence of the notification bar in full-screen mode.

      According to reports, several popular games, even YouTube, one of Google’s most popular services, cannot be fully opened in full-screen mode on this OS-based device. A black notification bar is displayed at the top of the screen, showing the date, time, mobile signal, battery percentage, etc. This is quite annoying for gamers, as the notification bar expands across the screen when the device is held horizontally. When playing a favourite game with a lot of excitement or watching a video on YouTube, it is inevitable to get in a bad mood.

      Not only ordinary Android smartphones, but also stock Android users can be bothered by this bug. According to a report by Android Police, some users of Samsung’s Android 11-based One UI 3.0 custom-skinned device have experienced this type of problem.

      On the other hand, most users of Google’s Pixel devices are also experiencing this problem, according to customer forums. Many times, a factory reset of the device after a new software update fixes a number of bugs, but this is not the case. One Android 11 user claimed that the bug was not released even after the device was factory reset or formatted.

      In addition, some users have reported difficulty in multitasking on Android 11-based devices. All in all, the Android 11 operating system has not yet received such a good review. But it is expected that Google will fix these bugs in the coming days with a software update! So, enjoy the current OS (Android 10) features of the device for now.

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