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      Be careful! Clicking on Donald Trump’s ‘Controversial’ Video, puts your computer in the hands of hackers.

      The time has come for him to leave the throne! But even today he is in the headlines. A few days before the departure of outgoing US President Donald Trump, he was also at the centre of the discussion. This time, through a new email scam, cyber criminals are trying to provide malware to the customers by showing the video bait of Donald Trump’s scandal.

      Trustwave’s security researchers recently identified a new variant of the Quavers Remote Access Trojan (QRAT). Hackers are demanding that users send a video of the Donald Trump scandal via email. But cyber criminals are sending remote access trojans through that video.

      This remote-access Trojan is actually a software tool that takes full access to a user’s computer in the name of installing software for downloading music or movies for free. The user also hands over the computer completely to the hacker by installing or downloading the pirated software without thinking.

      Researchers Claiming that the subject of the email sent by the cyber criminals is being written, ‘GOOD LOAN OFFER!! But inside it is the Java Archive (JAR) file, which says, ‘TRUMP_S ** _ SCANDAL_VIDEO.jar’. As explained in this blog post, Trojan is actually just like any other malware that only works on Windows.

      Once a user downloads or opens an attachment, a dialog box will appear in front of them, stating – This computer needs remote access tools to perform network penetration testing. Now the user who clicks on the ‘Ok, I know what I am doing’ button will be given remote access to the creator of the Trojan.

      Trustwave researcher Diana Lopera writes that cyber criminals want to use a popular person as a bait. On top of that, Donald Trump is still a ‘controversial’ name, so users will want to open the link as soon as they enter the name Donald Trump in the filename, Lopera writes.

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