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      Avoid Hackers, Learn How to Turn on Two-Step Verification on Gmail Accounts

      Billions of Internet users worldwide use Google’s email service Gmail. But now there are various online fraud or hacking attacks. Technicians are urging Gmail users to use strong and complex passwords. However, Gmail has some features of its own to protect users’ accounts, which some of you may know and some may not. One of these security options is ‘two-step verification’. Today we will discuss ways to enable this two-step verification option in Gmail.

      Incidentally, many people confuse two-step verification and two-step authentication options. So let me say before, two-step verification and two-step authentication systems are very similar, but there are some differences between them.

      Combining an email ID and password is the first step in protecting your Gmail account. But with two-step verification you will get an additional option of account security. As a result, it will be quite difficult for cyber attackers to access your account.

      How to turn on the two-step verification option of your Gmail account:

      1. To turn on two-step verification, go to the navigation panel on the left side of Gmail and click on the Security option.
      2. After signing in to Google Panel, click on Two-Step Verification and follow the on-screen steps.

      Once Two-Step Verification is turned on, a security code will appear on the phone number associated with your Gmail account whenever you login to your Gmail account. This code will be sent to you by Google via voice call, text message or Google authentication application. If you enter this code, you will be logged in to Gmail.


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