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      ATM will work as soon as see your face! Intel brings RealSense ID to keep all customer information secure

      Intel did well at the beginning of the new year. The new facial recognition system Intel RealSense ID is launched. This on-device solution has an active depth sensor and a neural network to give the world the perfect facial authentication. This state-of-the-art technology will come in handy from ATMs to kiosks, point of sale and smarts.

      According to Intel, the new technology is so flexible that the Intel RealSense ID can accurately capture a person’s facial expressions in a matter of moments. Not only that, but it will also be able to work perfectly in terms of height and light, according to Intel.

      With the launch of RealSense ID, Intel said in a statement: “With the enrolment process, Intel will provide a very accurate, natural solution to the RealSense ID, so that people’s information is protected in any emergency. In addition, users can easily unlock anything they need. This Intel RealSense ID includes specialized neural networks, active depth, a dedicated system on chip. It also has highly secured elements embedded to encrypt and process user data very quickly.

      The use of conventional authentication methods often leads to allegations of user ID theft and security breaches. And that’s why nowadays, starting from different companies, professionals are also paying more attention to facial authentication technology, says Intel. Even devices like smartphones have come up with facial authentication technology lately.

      This RealSense ID from Intel has anti-spoofing technology to remove any malicious elements in an instant. This facial recognition system can identify any mistake, photograph, video or mask. The company claims that this advanced technology has a ‘one-in-million’ false acceptance rate. Intel RealSense ID also processes data locally and encrypted to keep all customer information confidential.

      After that many may think that, surprisingly, the price of this device may be much higher! But no, not at all. You can pre-order RealSense ID by visiting Intel’s website for just USD 99, which is just Rs 7,200 in Indian price. It is currently only available to business and enterprise users. Coming soon it is expected to be available to the general public.

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