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      Are you buying products from the cell in the lure of discounts? Keep these things in mind

      Just a week before Pujo, two of India’s largest e-commerce sites, Amazon and Flipkart, launched their annual sale. Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale starts on October 18 (one day before for Plus members) and Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale starts on October 16 (one day before for Prime members). Lots of people will shop at these two cells for the huge discounts that are being offered on different products. But if you buy something just by looking at the discount or being greedy, it may be later. So, there are some things to keep in mind before shopping in all these online cells. Let’s see what those things are.

      1. Don’t be fooled by huge discounts

      E-commerce sites offer a lot more discounts during all these sales – they even offer discounts of up to 80%. But before stepping into the trap, check the price of the same thing on other sites. Many times, more discounts are shown by increasing the price for sale. So before stepping into the trap of more discounts, the price should be checked on different sites.

      2. No-cost EMI commitment

      According to experts, the no-cost EMI that is given on smartphones, smart TVs or other electronic items is not always true. In most cases, the price is increased and discounted. So, if you think you don’t have to pay any interest on EMI, you are wrong. That’s why you have to check the price on other sites as well.

      3. Cashback trap

      Another trap, like no-cost EMI, is cashback. Most of the time the customer buys the item even though he does not have the ability or need to buy it. Many times, it is not less risky to get this cashback, so you will step into this trap.

      4. See reviews

      Be sure to check out all of its information and reviews before buying any item. Reviews of people who have already used the product will help you a lot to know about the thing. That’s why you must check its reviews before buying anything.

      5. When you have purchased the necessary things, close the site / app

      Once you have purchased the item you need, exit the site or app. The more you look at these offers, the more you will want to buy things and buy unnecessary things. So, it is better to stay away from these once purchased.

      So where to buy from Amazon or Flipkart, it is better to buy exactly what you want to buy. Otherwise your money will be wasted. Shop as much as you want, but keep the savings in mind.

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