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      Are you a Vi user? Costs will increase! Find out today

      Multiple postpaid plans became popular in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Goa, including West Bengal, and increased their costs. A few days ago, Vi also increased the cost of several postpaid plans in Uttar Pradesh. And this time in five states together.

      In these five circles, from now on, the new prices of Vi’s family postpaid plan are going to be Rs 649, Rs 799, Rs 999, Rs 948 and Rs 1348 respectively. All of these are under the company’s family postpaid plan. On the other hand, all these plans are Rs 598, Rs 749, Rs 899 and Rs 999 in all the five states. According to sources, Vi is keeping an eye on the demand for postpaid plans in all parts of the country. Vodafone Idea is raising the price of the plan where the demand is high.

      As the first telecom company in the country, Vi offers separate postpaid plans according to family and personal needs. From now on, Vi’s family postpaid plans in West Bengal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Goa and Uttar Pradesh will start from Rs 649, up from Rs 598 earlier. Meanwhile, in other 17 telecom circles of the country, Vi’s basic postpaid plan is starting from RS 598.

      Vi’s Rs 649 Family Postpaid Plan –

      This plan basically offers users two connections, one primary and the other secondary. In terms of data benefits, customers can enjoy 80GB internet in this postpaid plan. Users with a primary connection will get 50GB and users with a secondary connection will get 30GB. Primary connection users will also get the benefit of 200GB data rollover and secondary users will also get the benefit of 50GB data rollover. In addition, the plan also offers unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS to customers.

      Vi’s Rs 799 Family Postpaid Plan –

      This plan again offers users three connections, one primary and the other two secondaries. In terms of data benefits, out of the total 120GB of internet, 60GB is for primary connection and 30GB is available for the other two secondary users respectively. It also allocates 100GB for the primary connection between the 200GB data rollover or carry forward and 50GB for the remaining two secondary connections. This postpaid plan also has the ultimate benefit of unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS.

      Vi’s Rs 999 Family Postpaid Plan –

      This postpaid plan offers a total of five connections, one primary and the other four secondaries. This plan offers a total of 200GB of data benefits. The owner of the primary connection gets 80GB of data and the rest 30GB. The company offers a total of 400GB in terms of data rollover i.e. carry forward option. The primary connection user gets 200GB data rollover and the other four get 50GB. Other benefits include unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS.

      Also, very popular in these five circles are Vi’s Entertainment Plus 699 Family Postpaid Plan and REDX Family Plan. Of this, the cost of Entertainment Plus 699 Family Postpaid Plan is Rs 948, with Rs 699 for primary connection and Rs 249 for secondary user. In addition, Vi offers three more secondary connections with one secondary connection in this plan. It offers unlimited data to primary users and the company offers up to 30GB of data on secondary connections. However, in this plan, primary users cannot enjoy any data rollover. However, for secondary connection users, there is the benefit of data rollover up to 50GB. This plan matches unlimited voice calling services on all connections.

      On the other hand, the cost of REDX Family plan is Rs 1348, so primary users have to spend Rs 1099 and secondary users Rs 249. Vi’s Rs 1348 postpaid plan offers unlimited data benefits for primary connections and up to 30GB of data benefits for secondary connections. In this postpaid plan of Rs. 1348, users are offered free subscription to Vi Movies and TV. Also, in this pack, primary users get a chance to enjoy a bunch of OTTs. It includes a one-year Amazon Prime, ZEE5 Premium and Netflix’s extensive free subscription offer.

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