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      Are you a Vi postpaid user? 300 rupees discount on bill payment! Learn how

      Vodafone Idea or Vi has recently made a big announcement for their users. What is that announcement? Earnings opportunities for users. How? Vi users will get a discount of Rs 100 per cycle on their postpaid bill cycle by becoming a member of the Refer and Earn program. In this way, he will get a total discount of Rs 300 on three bicycles. In fact, Vi has come up with this wonderful plan mainly to increase their subscriber base in postpaid.

      How to be a part of the Refer and Earn program, that is now the question of millions of rupees! Vi’s postpaid users need to make their family, friends and family members of Vi’s postpaid family. And then they will be part of the Vi Refer and Earn program. Besides, whoever will be referred will also benefit. For 6 months he will get 100GB high-speed internet at no extra charge. Now if you want to reduce the amount of postpaid bills, then what could be a better way than this!

      What exactly to do?

      If you already use the Vi postpaid plan and want to make people close to you a member of the Vi postpaid family, then you need to generate a Referral Link from the Vi Mobile App. You can also send a request by visiting

      Now the person closest to you, whom you want to make a Vi postpaid user, has to send the code from that referral link. He will then be able to take Vi postpaid connection with the help of the referral code given by you. And once he becomes a user of Vi postpaid, you will get a discount of Rs 100 every time you pay postpaid bill for the next three months. This way if you can refer two people, you will get a discount of Rs 600 on Vi postpaid bill payment.

      In the end everyone benefits –

      just like you can get discounts on earnings or bill payments between this referral and earn service, so the new member of the Vi postpaid family can also enjoy multiple benefits. He will get 100GB of data for the next 6 months.

      Users who are new members of Vodafone Idea from any other network can also participate in this Refer and Earn program. This program is for a limited time only. The offer expires on April 30. And if you are a postpaid member of Vi, there are a lot of tempting plans starting from Rs 399 to Rs 499, Rs 699, Rs 1099.

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