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    Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event today from 11.30 pm IST: How to watch and what to expect

    Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event, How to watch and what to expect?
    Apple is going to organize a virtual event today named ‘One More Thing’. This is the fourth major event of the company, this year in which many big announcements can be made. Earlier, the company launched the iPhone 12. And now it is expected, that many new devices can be seen in this event including MacBook models. Let’s know about the details of Apple ‘One More Thing’ time and some important information related to it……

    This is how you can watch live streams

    Apple ‘One More Thing’ event will be held today i.e. on November 10. It’s information is given on the company’s official website. This event will start at 10am PST i.e. at 11.30 pm Indian time. Keeping in mind the corona virus, it will be organized from Apple Park, which means that you can participate in this event sitting at home. You can watch this event live through the company’s official website, Apple TV app and YouTube channel. 

    There may be some big announcements
    Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event

    At the Apple ‘One More Thing’ event, the company can make some big announcements today. But according to the coming out news, it is estimated that in this event, the screen can be lifted from MacBook models based on Apple’s own silicon. Apart from this, the company may also announce new hardware and chipsets. By looking at the tagline ‘One More Thing’ of this event, it can be guessed that in this the company is preparing to unveil a particular product. Apart from this, some reports have said that the company is going to launch its first computer based on custom silicon in this event.

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