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      Android 11 (Go Edition) Arrives, Android 11 update for a very cheap phone

      A few days ago, Google officially launched Android 11 . Since then almost all Android smartphone makers have started their beta program registration. Some phones from Realme, OnePlus, Xiaomi can now use the Android 11 beta version. But so much for mid-range or flagship phones. Today, Google launched Android 11 (Go edition) for cheap phones running on Go platform.

      The new Android 11 (Go Edition) will launch the phone app 22 percent faster than before. In addition, like the original edition of Android 11, notifications from all messaging apps will be submitted in a notification section. Again, the security of the phone will also increase. Android 11 (Go Edition) will also allow different applications at once, which means that only when you use an application will it be able to access your phone’s microphone, camera, location, etc.

      Google has also added some gestures to this Android 11 (Go Edition). Again, here will be the benefit of the app switch. With Safe Folder in Files App can be found. Where you can hide files as you wish. 4-digit PIN can also be used.

      Let me tell you that Android 11 (Go Edition) runs on phones with 2 GB or less of RAM. These are entry level smartphones. These phones do not work well with the original version of any app for low storage. That’s why Google has come up with a separate Go Edition for all these phones. Where light versions of everything will be available.

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