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      Amazon offered a laptop for only 190 rupees! After that …

      It’s not uncommon for e-commerce sites to offer huge discounts on expensive items. Occasionally there is a sale on Amazon or Flipkart for various occasions. Even so, isn’t it a little unusual to get a laptop for only 190 rupees?

      Absolutely unusual! But when Supriya Ranjan Mohapatra, a college student from Orissa, saw such a great offer on Amazon in 2014, he was more than happy to be surprised. Because he needed a laptop to finish the college project. As a result, he looked at everything and ordered the laptop.

      And after that there is danger! Shortly after confirming the order, he received an order cancellation mail from Amazon. The company did not give a valid reason as to why the order was canceled.

      News says that after that, Supriya called Amazon Customer Care more than once. But the problem was not solved. He was only informed by Customer Care that such an incident had taken place due to a price dispute. After this he ordered a new laptop again. But even that did not reach him in time. All in all, it was too late to submit the college project, the law student could not finish it on time.

      But he did not give up. Supriya complained about the incident to the Orissa State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission. His long struggle has finally paid off. The government recently ruled that Amazon should be compensated for financial fraud and psychological harassment. The amount of compensation is not less. According to the verdict, Amazon will give 40 thousand rupees to Supriya. In addition, he will pay an additional Rs 5,000 for the cost of litigation and for humiliating the seller.

      However, the court did not say what brand the first laptop Superior ordered was from. It is learned that the actual price was Rs 23,499. This is what Amazon offered to sell for 190 rupees.

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