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      Amazon India launches new online academy; For JEE examinees

      Virtual learning has been going on all over the country for the last one year due to the epidemic. This time the e-commerce company Amazon is taking a new step in this online study. Amazon India announced on Wednesday that it was launching an online academy to prepare students for competitive exams like JEE. One of the biggest tests for college admissions in India is the JEE, the Joint Entrance Test.

      Students will receive learning materials and live lectures through the Amazon Academy website and the Android app. To prepare for the joint entrance exam, they will be able to give many exams through this app. Amazon claims that the academy will help students gain access to the country’s major engineering colleges. All materials are currently available for free on this website. According to Amazon India, the service will be available for free in the next few months.

      Incidentally, about 2 million students sit for this exam every year for the purpose of admission in engineering colleges. To prepare for the exam, almost everyone takes classes at one of the private institutions. Throughout the transition period, classes at these institutions run online.

      According to experts, the trend of this online class will continue. The path of virtual learning will be opened in this country by 2022. Following this online trend in 2020, a number of organizations such as Vedantu, Unacademy and Byju’s have started online studies. An online academy like Byju’s is run by the American company Tiger Global.

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