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      Amazon buys 11 Boeing aircraft to provide better customer service

      Amazon, an e-commerce company, has always been committed to providing quality services to its customers. And so, the company bought 11 Boeing aircraft to deliver faster service to their customers spread all over the world. Amazon made the announcement on Tuesday. Delta and West Jet have bought 11 aircraft from these two airlines. Earlier, Amazon used to serve its customers by charging air fares from various airlines. This is the first time the company has bought its own aircraft.

      Sarah Rhoads, vice president of Amazon Global Air, said they would serve customers by renting aircraft from other companies and their own aircraft. As a result of these two, customers will get better quality services, he claimed. 

      He also said that work has already started to convert these aircraft from passenger aircraft to cargo aircraft. All the aircraft are of Boeing-7-300 (Boeing 767-300) model. He also said that four aircraft purchased from WestJet Airlines would be added to the company within this year. The remaining seven aircraft purchased from Delta Airlines will be added to the company by next year.        

      Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, USA. There are also branch offices of this e-commerce company spread all over the world. Much of India’s e-commerce is owned by this company. They mainly deliver goods through various courier companies. As a result, some time is spent on delivery. However, it goes without saying that the addition of new aircraft to the company will reduce that time a lot. The company has warehouses all over the country. Amazon has also set up its own hubs at various airports. From where the company easily delivers their purchased items to the customers.

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