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      Airtel Is Going To Take A Big Step To Wake Up The Oppo-Vivo-Mi, 4G Smartphones Will Be Available In The Market At Cheaper Prices.

      So Far, Only A Few Chinese Companies Have Been On The Market As Cheap Mobile Phones, Notably Oppo, Vivo, MI. But Now With The Boycott Of Multiple Chinese Products Across India, These Chinese Companies Have Also Suffered Huge Losses And The Indian Telecom Company Airtel Does Not Want To Miss This Opportunity. So The Indian Telecom Company Airtel Has Already Started Plans To Take Over The Market By Removing Oppo, Vivo, Mi And The Company Has Said That They Are Going To Bring 4G Smartphones To The Indian Market At A Very Affordable Price Very Soon.
      According To Sources, Airtel Has Already Started Discussions With Several Smartphone Makers In This Regard. Earlier, Reliance Had Launched A Smart Phone In The Indian Market And It Has Been A Huge Success. However, This Time Airtel Is Going To Be The Second Telecom Company In India To Bring Forge Smartphones To The Indian Market In The Coming Days. Sources Said That Airtel Is Thinking Of Bringing Both Locked And Unlocked Phones.
      Many Of You May Not Understand The Meaning Of The Word Locked Or Unlocked, Let Me Tell You Clearly, In This Case, Locked Phone Refers To Those Phones In Which No SIM Other Than The Manufacturer’s SIM Can Be Used. In This Case, Unlocked Phone Refers To The Phones In Which The SIM Of Any Company Can Be Used. However, In This Case, The Demand For Locked Phones Is Not High In Our Country, But In This Case, The Demand For Locked Phones Is High Abroad. Although Tata Indicom Had Earlier Introduced A Number Of Locked SIMs In The Indian Market, Several Companies Like MTS Did Not Last Long.
      However, Not Only Airtel But Also Indian Telecom Company Reliance Jio Is Going To Bring Several New Smartphones. And According To The Received News, It Has Been Learned That The Phones That Geo Is Going To Bring In The Future Will Have Five-G Connectivity System Along With Forge. Moreover, A Few Days Ago, Reliance Jio Chairman Mukesh Ambani Announced That They Are Going To Bring About 100 Million Smartphones To The Indian Market In The Coming Days In Collaboration With Google. Geo Has Even Said That The Price Of These Will Be Kept Very Low, But Even If The Price Of These Shots Will Be Kept Low, The People Of The Country Will Not Compromise With The Feature Of The Phone, Geo Has Announced.
      On The Other Hand, The Idea Of ​​Experts In This Regard, Whether It Is Airtel Or Geo With Cheap Smartphones In The Current Market, It Will Actually Get Enough Response In The Market Because Now All The Services In The Country Are Being Responded By Phone. Moreover, In This Corona Situation, The Use Of Mobile Phones Has Increased At A Huge Rate. Nowadays, Everything From Shops To School-College Market Offices Is Now Captured On Mobile Phones. So In This Case, If The Cheap Smartphone Can Reach Everyone, Then The General Public Will Benefit A Lot.

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