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      Airtel has signed a 25-year deal with Ericsson for 5G


      The advent of 4G technology in India took several years. In 2012, Airtel was the first in India to offer this service through dongles and modems. Speculation has already started about the possibility of 5G coming to India. Airtel has once again been active in making their technology compatible with 5G. They have announced the renewal of a several-year contract with the Swedish company Ericsson to supply the necessary parts for this technology. They announced the deal on Wednesday. According to Ericsson, their products and solutions will help increase Airtel’s network capacity. Users will also get a better experience as a result.

      Airtel and Ericsson have a 25-year partnership

      Ericsson said in a press release that Airtel will also increase the backhaul capacity of their network using their MINI-LINK 6000 products. Ranti Sekhon, CTO of Bharti Airtel, said, “At Airtel, we always want to deliver the best network experience to our customers, especially at a time when digital connectivity is so important.” He is happy to expand their partnership with Ericsson to implement 5G technology. Ericsson and Airtel have signed a 25-year new partnership.

      Ericsson’s products will be made in India

      In July, a managed service contact between the two companies was renewed for 3 years. As a result of the agreement, Ericsson will use their automation machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to improve Airtel’s network performance and user experience across India. Nunizo Martillo, Ericsson’s regional head for South Asia, said their products, produced in India, would help provide an improved network to Indian users. They will also be able to cater to the growing demand of Indian customers.

      According to Ericsson, LTE account was the main technology in mobile subscriptions in 2019. At that time the number of subscriptions was 550 million. By 2025, the number of these subscriptions could reach 720 million. With this huge number of customers in mind, Airtel and Ericsson have established a 25-year partnership. Airtel has entered into a similar agreement with Nokia this year to provide better service to its customers.

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