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      Advertisers will not receive data without your consent, a storm of criticism over Apple’s decision

      We are constantly facing countless advertisements in almost all areas of internet usage. In the rush of thousands of ads, our web browsing experience becomes boring at times. Notice that these ads are tailored to your preferences, meaning that the more you search the Internet, the sooner you see those ads. In fact, there are some applications or websites that provide personal or location information of the internet or app user to the advertising agency. Advertisers target people accordingly. But here comes the question of protecting our data privacy! Because those apps or websites give information to advertisers without your consent. It is reported that Apple is going to take initiative to free people from this unbearable experience. According to various sources, they are going to include such a feature in their iOS14, iPadOS and macOS platforms, which will protect the personal information of the internet user from the hands of unknown advertisers. However, not this year, Apple is expected to roll out the feature on their devices from next year.

      Adding this feature requires apps to require device user permission to collect data for personalized ads! As a result, various apps will not be able to arbitrarily misuse user information for advertising purposes. Needless to say, many app developers and advertisers are appalled to hear that Apple can integrate this feature into their various OS platforms!

      The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s move is already facing opposition. Even some well-established companies and developers, in conjunction with the French Competition Authority, have begun to oppose this idea of โ€‹โ€‹the future. They called Apple’s idea “uncompetitive.” According to them, if Apple’s device users get a chance to deny the advertising agency this way, it will have an impact on the business. Tech-experts also say that if this feature is included, apps will need to get device user approval through App Tracking Transparency. Otherwise they will not be able to access the device in any way! Apple’s developer website agrees.

      News that Apple will keep their decision intact in the face of thousands of oppositions. They are committed to protecting the privacy of their OS users. They are not reluctant to use the best technology in this regard, but by using the technology they want to stop the unjust whims of the advertisers by using various apps and websites. If device users can deny tracking of advertisers on a direct app-by-app basis, TechMahal believes that the privacy of netizens will be largely protected.

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