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      Added more fun new game, Mech Mocha acquired by Flipkart

      Nowadays, e-commerce companies want to attract people with the help of various entertainment besides selling products. Flipkart is no exception. Numerous movies in multiple languages, free streaming or various online games are part of Flipkart today. Following this, they acquired the renowned mobile gaming start-up Mech Mocha. This means that the company, the creator of live social gaming platforms like ‘Hello Play’, will from now on work to increase the excellence of other fields, including gaming on Flipkart.

      Mech Mocha is a Bangalore based social gaming platform. Available in seven Indian languages, the company is the creator of a total of ten popular online games, including Ludo, Carrom, Snacks and Ladders, and Cricket. Arpita Kapoor and Mohit Rangaraju are the two founding faces of the company. Renowned investors such as Accel Partners, Bloom Ventures and Shunwei Capital have been instrumental in building and expanding the company. However, with the inclusion of Flipkart, the company will henceforth work under Flipkart vice-president Prakash Shikaria.

      Mech Mocha CEO and co-founder Arpita Kapoor is very happy to be part of Flipkart’s larger family. “Working with a company like Flipkart is a wonderful experience,” he said. In the coming days, we will do our best to deliver fancy gaming services to Flipkart users. In addition, we will continue to work to improve the Flipkart Cloud Platform, Super Coins, Rewards Store and Flipkart’s advertising system.”

      Flipkart Vice President Prakash Shikaria is quite optimistic about delivering the best quality shopping experience to Flipkart users as well as providing gaming or other entertainment content. “Many e-commerce users are turning to online games and video streaming these days,” he said in a statement. Many popular e-commerce companies are also thinking of investing heavily in all these areas. It is also clear to us from the statistics of Flipkart Game zone that there is an important connection between ordinary gamers and regular shoppers. So with the many talented employees of Mech Mocha, we will try to make Flipkart’s gaming domain more advanced and up-to-date from now on.”

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